Thank You For Not “Selling” Me

I was talking with a small business owner the other day about business owners and their mindsets when it comes to selling. I shared with her my thoughts on how they need to have a paradigm shift in the way they do business – quit selling, start helping people buy. She shared with me a great story that recently happened to her that demonstrates how this is change in mindset makes a difference.

 An older couple from a neighboring community stopped into her landscaping business to look for some trees for their yard. She could have easily showed the couple some trees and, if they were interested, she would have rung up the sale and sent them on their way. If they were not ready to buy, she would have waited for them to come back knowing when they left, there was a good chance they might not come back. However, she chose to take the role of a consultant and put the customer’s needs first. She spent considerable time with them finding out the type of tree that would match their needs/wants and educated them on how to properly take care of the trees once they were planted. The time she spent with them resulted in the couple deciding to go ahead and purchase their trees that day and from her business.After the business owner rang up the sale, she walked the couple out to their car. The gentleman stopped and said that he appreciated her taking the time to help them find the right type of trees and for educating them on how to take care of them. He really appreciated that she did not “sell” him trees but rather gave them the information they needed to make a decision that was right for them.

You can bet that this gentleman and his wife will be sharing with their friends and family about their positive customer experience and they will be back for future purchases. And, you can bet that this business owner will make sure her staff continues to use this approach when dealing with customers. A great example of how being a consultant and putting the customer’s needs in front of your own will result in the sale and a long-term relationship.

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