Public Relations

inTANDEM marketing believes that especially in smaller communities, Public Relations can have a stronger impact than traditional marketing. We can assist you with identifying the right PR opportunities for your business and provide you with a broad spectrum of support services ranging from writing press releases aimed at controlling your brand story to identifying and maximizing the right sponsorship opportunities

Public Relations is all about making sure your business is seen in its best light and having control over your story as you build trust and confidence in your business with your customers and your community.

Whether you are looking for assistance to craft sensitive communications (internal and external); planning a special event like a groundbreaking or grand opening; working with local media on opportunities to reinforce your brand’s mission; or media training for your key personnel, the inTANDEM marketing team can put you in control of delivering your story in the most powerful way.

Sometimes things don’t go quite right and your brand and reputation are negatively impacted. The inTANDEM marketing team can develop a crisis management plan to handle whatever comes your way and to quickly minimize the damage allowing your brand to shine bright once again.